DUALISMS for violin and violoncello      

Dualisms for violin and violoncello in its development reflects the dramatic interplay that occurs when two opposing or harmonious lines are juxtaposed with one another.  Dualisms arise in all facets of life and throughout the centuries have occupied the minds of thinkers both great and small.  While there are no definite answers, what can be observed from these eternal discourses, is the fervent passion for truth in living.

14 minutes

Robert Uchida, violin, and Alon Bisk, violoncello, New York, New York.

“but expressed in language completely its own— was the “Dualisms for Violin and Cello” by Frantzen. In three movements, violin and cello wind around each other in wrenching canonical figures. The central movement— a ghostly, pizzicato scherzo— was especially impressive – its music tough, challenging in a way that the work of Wallingford Riegger and the early Morton Feldman could be. But it was also deeply satisfying with the composer’s sureness of touch evident throughout.”
— Ted Ayala - Crescent Valley Weely