BREATHE, BREATHE! for soprano, string trio, and percussion      

For some time I have wanted to set Breathe, Breathe! a poem written several years ago by my brother as he began his career in the military.  To me it speaks of a desire for normalcy in times of great trial and hardship.  No matter the endeavor, what is cherished and remembered in the end are the relationships formed both near and far.  Breathe, Breathe! in its development strives to frame these words of support, honor, and camaraderie in a journey of love, loss, and enlightenment.

7 minutes

Justine Aronson, soprano, Brightwork New Music, Boston Court Performing Arts Center, Pasadena, CA.

Breathe, Breathe!
They cried.
To men who held roses
To men who lost tears
To men who sang dirges
                To men, just men.