Lawrence University Wind Ensemble - Dr. Andrew Mast.

When composing, I often take walks to clear the mind, recharge the batteries, and leave previously worked ideas to the subconscious.  Early on, I spent a lot of time in rural settings, so these walks through forests, pastures, and fields, led to works that had more linear, flowing, and expansive qualities.  Upon moving to Boston, New York,  Philadelphia, Washington DC, and now Los Angeles, the walks became a whole different adventure leading to compositions reflecting these bustling urban environments.  Skronk is one such work that in its development reflects a groove one might need to traverse the colorful and cacophonous streets of our country’s great city landscapes.

Skronk is dedicated to K.C.


5 minutes

The Lawrence University Wind Ensemble, Dr. Andrew Mast, conductor, Appleton, Wisconsin.

“Through it’s energetic drive, propulsive rhythms and colorful orchestration, Skronk provides the conductor, performer and audience a thrilling ride. Usable as a concert opener, closer, or mid-program palette cleanser, the musical energies of this piece combine to provide a work that is as engaging to perform as it is to listen to.”
— Dr. Andrew Mast - Lawrence University