FOUR FROST SONGS for voice and piano       

ROBERT FROST – Selections from A BOY’S WILL
1. The Pasture
2. October
3. The Vantage Point
4. To a Thawing Wind

12 minutes


  • The Pasture, October, To a Thawing Wind premiered by Gerald Frantzen, tenor, and Timothy Hoekman, piano, Glimmerglass Opera Concert Series Cooperstown, New York. 
  • The Vantage Point premiered by Mary Elizabeth Mackenzie, soprano, and Anthony Cao, piano, Madison, WI.
“John Frantzen’s Four Frost Songs exemplify the expressive potential of American art song by epitomizing the blend of American freshness and European style that makes this genre unique. The originality, honesty, and frankness of these settings evokes the idealized innocence and simplicity of American life and lends to them that touch of nostalgia which is the hallmark of so much great American music. The natural flow and setting of the text is made all the more poignant by the subtle sophistication of the accompaniment, which finds a perfect balance between sentimentalism and intellectualism. Text, melody, and accompaniment are beautifully interwoven so that the music unfolds both naturally and inevitably. The result is a captivating and highly evocative song cycle that gently embraces the listener in its pure, uncomplicated expressiveness. These are truly moving songs.”
— Nick Wild, Daring Diva